Academic new year: induction week

Great to see such engagement with your students – fuelled by a genuine desire to help them learn how to learn and take responsibility for themselves. I love that you submit yourself to completing the same exercise alongside the students. You show great strength in allowing yourself to show that, you are not the ‘all knowing’ expert and, you have a commitment to continuous learning. I plan to steal your strategies – with attribution, of course!

Peter G Knight

NB: This post is published both here and (in due course) on Keele University’s Learning and Professional Development Centre “Solutions” blog: 

It seems appropriate that my first blog entry for Solutions, which I intended to submit for the start of the academic year and which was supposed to be about teaching time management to newly arrived students, should have been delayed by two months because I have been overwhelmed by – amongst other things – teaching time management to newly arrived students.

Most academics think about the start of October in the way that other people think about the start of January: a new year, big hopes, good resolutions, a fresh start. The new academic year brings with it a fresh crop of the bright young intellects that, changing every year, help to keep our own ideas fresh and constantly renewed. It is an exciting, promising time. I have had…

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